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Help your team work remotely

We can help you migrate your processes and other documents to the cloud and help your team stay connected wherever the team members are.

Cloud computing

Trusted by leading brands

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Leverage your business to new heights with full remote working.

Wekrea8 focuses on the important things and improves virtual working experience and security, using an interface that is user-friendly and easy to use.

Security of Documents

Create a secure and seamless back-up of documents in your office.

Controlling & Monitoring

Control and monitor staff access to files and recover deleted or changed files.

Fully Integrated

Complete set of integrated
features for success

Employee Management

Engage with your employees
consistently through virtual workspaces.

Built for Scalability

Platform for small to large business, with the power to grow with your company

Putting security first while helping your business growth

What else can we
do for you?

Trusted nationwide and used by over 50 known legal brands and law firms

“I am so excited by the speed and effectiveness of delivery. The most interesting thing is that wekrea8 is run by lawyers and so they understand what lawyers need.”

Raphael Isinsin, Partner at Legatee Partners

Wekrea8 Logo

We help lawyers and law firms achieve their growth needs by making it easier for them no matter how small they are, to be visible to prospective clients at minimal costs…<read more>


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